Posted by Catherine Lawler on 22nd Aug 2018


You Should Be Knitting Socks!!!

If you haven’t joined us for Thursday sock knitting, you really should reconsider and join us. There is still plenty of time to knit your first pair, learn a new sock technique or refine what you already know about knitting socks. Many knitters have never tried sock knitting so here are some things to consider.

1. Socks are the ultimate portable project. One skein of yarn, needles, and the sock in progress - that’s all you need to throw in a bag and you have knitting to help pass the time while you wait for an appointment, sit in a carpool line or visit with a friend. I always keep a sock in progress in my car - it’s amazing how much knitting I can get accomplished in small snips of time.

2.Sock yarn is fabulous. Seriously fabulous. We have a bit of a sock yarn addiction at Knits by Nana. Whether your thing is speckled yarn, hand dyed, self patterned or even solids with a bit of shading we have something you will love. Many sock yarns add a bit of cashmere or silk to the yarn so you have the chance to knit with luxurious fibers.

3. You will improve your knitting skills when you knit socks. If you can knit and purl you can knit socks. Sock knitting will improve your knitting in the round skills. You will learn to make slipped edged selvages, pick up stitches, work short rows, and perfect the Kitchener stitch! By the time you finish your first pair of socks you will be a much more confident knitter.

4. Hand knitted socks make a great gift. Nothing says “I love you” quite like a warm, toasty pair of hand knitted socks. With so many yarn choices it is easy to choose something to make a very personal gift for a special person in your life. Think our exclusive LSU colorways for your favorite Tiger fan, camouflage for the hunter in your life or a touch of cashmere for your best friend.

5. Socks are great for TV knitting. Sure you will learn new skills or could choose a complicated stitch pattern, but most socks involve many rounds of stockinette knitting. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as a Netflix binge, coffee (or wine!) and easy knitting.

6. You can knit something wonderful for yourself! If you need a break from scarves and you don’t need another hat or perhaps you aren’t quite sure you want to invest the time and money in a sweater, you can still knit something that you will enjoy wearing. Once you wear your first pair of hand knitted socks you will be a convert!

There is still time to get on the sock bandwagon. We will continue to offer sock knitting on Thursdays at the Knits by Nana Annex through the month of September or you can schedule private lessons. We meet on Thursdays from 10 - 11:30. Please join us!


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