Summer Travel Knitting

Posted by Catherine Lawler on 10th Jun 2018

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Summer Travel Knitting

Summer is officially here and for many of you that means travel. And when knitters travel, they are sure to knit. This blog post will hopefully answer your travel questions. Whether you travel by car, boat, train, or plane a little preplanning can make for a happy knit experience.
1. Plan your project - the best travel projects are those that are most portable. Think scarves, socks, and hats. These are usually projects that will require only one or two skeins of yarn, simple notions, and an easy to memorize pattern. Obviously afghans or bulky sweaters will take up more packing space so these might not be as suitable. Plus, on a hot summer day, do you really want a wool sweater or blanket draped across your lap? Some of our favorite travel projects are the Hitchhiker, DFW, or Classic mesh shawl, the Barley hat or our very own KBN sock pattern. Give us a call and we will happily help you choose a pattern & yarn.
2. Yes, you can knit on the plane - This is one of the questions we are most often asked.Having traveled both domestic and internationally I have never encountered an issue with knitting.

You will want to place your knitting in your carry on luggage where you can get to it easily. Circular needles are the most friendly for air travel as you don’t want to poke your neighbor with your 10” straights & nothing is more frustrating than chasing a runaway dpn down the aisle or under seats. I like simple scarves for plane travel that have an easy to memorize pattern. This is a great time to try sequence knitting! We suggest the Sedgwick scarf or cowl in Clara


3. Get a game plan - whether or not you usually use a lifeline in your knitting this is a great time to do so. If for some strange reason your needles do get confiscated, you won’t lose all your stitches. Also, if you make a boo-boo & you’re not sure how to repair your knitting rather than tink back, you can simply pull your knitting back to the lifeline and start again

A small container of knitting tools is also great to have on hand. This should contain at a minimum small scissors, stitch markers & safety pins, a repair hook for picking up dropped stitches, a tapestry needle. If space permits a cable needle, tape measure and stitch holder are also nice to have. I keep my travel supplies in an empty metal mint container- any small container is fine.

4. Visit the local yarn store!! We love to visit local yarn stores to find out what they are knitting and love when our customers share with us what they find on their travels. Sometimes it’s a great pattern and sometimes a new yarn that we just have to get for the Annex! When you do visit, share the love & make a purchase - even a small one - to help support local yarn stores! We can often make recommendations when you travel, so be sure and ask.

With a bit of pre - planning you will have a great travel knitting experience. If we can assist you at The Annex, any of the Pinot & Purl girls are ready to help you take your knitting to go.