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  • TRAUMA TUESDAY:  Help with all of your knitting disasters will be held every Tuesday from 11:00 am to 3:00pm; This help time is free as long as you are working with yarn purchased from Knits By Nana.

  • ALTERNATE HELP:  If you need help at any other time, please call the store for an appointment.  (225) 216-9460. We will set up an appointment around your schedule and ours.  This will provide you with the 1:1 help you need.  If you need more than 20 minutes of help or need to learn a new skill, we will have to charge a fee of $25/hour.

  • CLASS DAYS:  We are setting aside Wednesdays and Thursdays for all of our great new classes.  There will be no help on these days unless you have an appointment.

  • YARN: When taking classes at Knits By Nana or receiving help, the yarn must have been purchased from our store.

  • CLASSES:  You must sign up and pay in advance for all classes.  This helps us to know in advance if we have enough participants to host each new class that we schedule.


  • Blocking:  As you all know, blocking can be a very important part of finishing your knitting projects.  This new year we will be offering classes to help you learn to block all your cherished knitted items.  If you cannot attend or do not have the time to block your own projects, Knits by Nana can help you out but we will have to begin charging for this service due to time restraints.  Our new blocking prices are as follows:

                 Scarves:                     $10.00 each   

                 Shawls:                      $20.00 each 

                 Sweaters/garments:     $30.00 each

                 Afghans/blankets:        $40.00 each


  • ASSEMBLY:   another important skill when knitting is assembly.   Knits by Nana will be offering some wonderful assembly classes this year.  Check them out, and sign up so you can become skilled at assembling your very own projects.  If you have trouble or cannot assemble your projects, we are here to help out but again due to time restraints we will have to charge an assembly fee.  The fee will be $15.00 an hour and will be determined by the employee who is available to assemble the item.

  • REFUNDS: We will not accept returns of wound yarn.  All refunds will be for store credit only.